2013 / 12 / 11

4x Type Love

We do love typography and type design. And we do of course have various foundries and talented type designers whose work we adore and appreciate. Shared within our first series of 4x Type Love: Klim Type Foundry by Kris Sowersby, HVD Fonts by Hannes von Döhren, exljbris by Jos Buivenga and the Fonstmith Foundry from London.

Klim Type Foundry / HVD Fonts /exljbris / Fonstmith

2013 / 11 / 22

Say Hello To Huckberry

Say hello to Huckberry from San Francisco! We are really happy to announce that we have found a great new partner with Huckberry and are looking forward to many inspiring and interesting opportunities for further collaborations!

2013 / 11 / 22

Say Hello To Lissom And Muster

Say hello to Lissom & Muster from Manchester who will be stocking some our stellar map silkscreen prints! Lissom & Muster “carefully selects and commissions skillfully made, often hand made products for the outdoors. You will find Shetland knitwear, Northamptonshire boots, Cheshire silk and the finest British leather, tweed, wool, Scandinavian thermal and outerwear and much more.”

2013 / 08 / 05

Home Is Where Your Heart Is - Microsite

We have built a sweet microsite for our newest print “Home Is Where Your Heart Is” – have a look and please share & tweet about it if you like it!

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