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Paper, printing, love. It's the physicality of the printing process, the small imperfections, rich layers of ink, and the most beautiful paper stocks that make all manual printing a truly tangible and rewarding experience.

Letterpress Printing
Paper. Printing. Love.

Letterpress isn't dead. And neither is printing in general. It's not a decision between analog or digital, it never should be. Instead it is all about authenticity and experience — let's focus on meaningful connections and create things that matter.

All letterpress prints are hand-pulled and printed individually with a 1964 Korrex letterpress cylinder proofing press using traditional inks and an archival quality, acid-free, alkaline buffered, mould-made paper — with certain paper stocks featuring deckled edges on its sides. Treat these prints tenderly and you might enjoy them for decades.

Considering that the past has always had its struggles with what’s to come and the fact that disruption is undeniably ubiquitous, something as slow as letterpress printing might feel like a thing from the past:

If we had to make a bet though, we'd stick with a strong opinion that (letterpress) printing will be around for a long time.

Signed, numbered editions

Most prints are signed and numbered editions — 2nd or 3rd editions (if released) are signed as such with roman numerals (II, III, …).

Small imperfections

Due to the printing technique and hands-on approach each and every print slightly differs from each other. It’s these subtle differences though, the small imperfections and unexpected details that makes all prints truly tangible and unique.

Let's embrace all differences!

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