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Stellavie Studio-Shot
Stellavie Studio-Shot
Stellavie Studio-Shot
Stellavie Studio-Shot
Stellavie Studio-Shot
Stellavie Studio-Shot
Stellavie Studio-Shot
Stellavie Studio-Shot

Stellavie is an independent and creatively led design studio and printmaking workshop. We collaborate with great clients at eye-level and get our hands dirty with silkscreen and letterpress printing.

Design and printmaking

Is this a design studio or a printmaking workshop? It’s definitely both: we offer graphic design and consultancy work to clients, but we also produce our own prints (e.g. silkscreen, letterpress). Balancing a multidisciplinary approach both within our client and our personal work is what keeps us fueled with inspiration.

What we do

We help our clients to develop and communicate their ideas with focus and clarity, to understand and explore their narrative and to create meaningful and graphically distinctive solutions.

We listen, we build, we reflect and evaluate.

Printmaking, mainly silkscreen and letterpress printing, isn't just a side-hustle to us, but the other 1/2 of what we do, continously explore and get our hands dirty with for 7+ years.

We love paper and printing.

Our process

"No manifesto" is our manifesto: for us there is no "single source of truth", neither in life, nor in design (and if there was, we must have missed it). Hence we don’t follow any of those perpetually holy and unquestionable manifestos, but rather embrace and adapt to change: no two projects are ever alike. And as projects, problems and stories change, we change – and learn.

We call it radical curiosity.

Everything evolves, all the time: We are still explorers, driven by an insane appetite for new ideas and projects; we are always hungry, it's just how we are wired. A multitude of learning experiences sets our mind (and heart) on fire. Without a shift in perspective, the world wouldn't spin, but still lay flat. It’s only when we explore new questions we'll suddenly begin to see things differently. Follow the white rabbit: let's just not loose our minds on the way and wonderful things will start to happen.

We enjoy work.

While it might be obvious, being truly invested in the work we do yields results that are focused and meaningful, and hopefully inspiring and successful for our clients as well.

Would you like to discuss a new project?

Let's work together!

Please contact us by email or telephone if you would like to discuss a new project. We'd love to build things, together!

Press features

Our work has been recognized and featured by various blogs and magazines. Thank you all so much:

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and more..

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